hand spray paint

It has the advantages of various styles, simple operation and strong weather resistance.

Product description


Product advantages

1. Press directly to spray

Easy to use, small diameter, evenly sprayed

2. Simple operation

Aging, whitening and brightening

3. The outer cover is designed to be protected from damage

4. Colorful and durable

5. Safe and reliable, fashionable and beautiful, anti-rust and anti-fouling, touch-up paint anti-skid



1. Thoroughly remove oil stains, water stains and dust from the parts to be painted before use.

2. Before painting, the can must be shaken up and down, left and right for about 2 minutes, until the paint is fully mixed evenly

3. First spray a small area on the test plate to determine the accuracy of the selected color

4. About 15-30cm away from the surface of the object to be sprayed, press down the nozzle with a test paper and spray at a constant speed

5. When the remaining small amount of paint cannot be sprayed, please rotate the nozzle 180 degrees before spraying

6. If it is not finished at one time, turn the paint can upside down before storing, press down the nozzle for about 3 seconds, and clean the remaining paint on the nozzle to prevent the nozzle from being blocked.


When spraying dark colors, it is recommended to use white spray paint as a primer (metal objects should be primered with anti-rust paint), and paint a small amount of layers one by one for many times to prevent one spray from being too thick;

After the primer is dry, spray the color paint again, using the same spraying method;

Do not contact with other objects before the spray paint is dry to prevent it from rubbing off;

Then you can spray varnish to protect the paint surface (the varnish is transparent, which can increase the hardness, abrasion resistance and gloss of the paint surface)

How long does it last after spraying with hand spray paint?

1, in a place with direct sunlight in summer, one to two years

2, In a cool and dry place indoors, about 35 years

3, damp places, one to two years

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