Dongguan Mingke Auto Supplies Co., Ltd. is an aerosol enterprise that integrates scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and value-added services, and is committed to the high-tech field.

The core products involve building energy saving, environmental protection functional coatings and accessories, green environmental protection household products, environmental protection energy saving automobile beauty care products and other fields.

The company's main products include: rust removal lubricant, multi-functional foam cleaning agent, asphalt cleaning agent, chrome-plating self-spraying paint, automobile self-spraying paint, high-efficiency paint remover, degumming paper agent,

Portable fire extinguisher, tire anti-leakage fluid, carburetor cleaner, air conditioner cleaner, etc.

Years of business activities have accumulated a strong competitive advantage in the industry. Based on the fully automatic production line and production technology that leads the domestic industry

The technical formulas of various aerosols have been collected and optimized, and excellent professionals have joined in, making the company always at the forefront of the industry.

Ideas determine the way out, and models determine success or failure. Adhere to the strategic line of science and technology, science and technology are the primary productive forces. The company adheres to the development strategy of "independent innovation",

Solidly make the industry stronger and bigger, adhere to the business model that combines physical operation and capital operation, and use system solutions to plug in the wings of capital and soar upward.

The company regards corporate culture as its core competitiveness. It leads the entire team to serve customers and society with corporate culture, and faces competition with corporate culture;

Win-win, integrity, solid" is the corporate philosophy, and has established a good customer network in various provinces and cities across the country, enjoying a certain popularity, reputation and loyalty;

Taking honesty as the foundation of management, always insisting on "quality first, reputation first, service first", to provide users with high-quality products and satisfactory services, and to strengthen the quality of products.

Terminal service and training work, and strive to "do enough work in the details".

In the future, the company will devote itself to new product research and development, quality assurance, and standardized and scientific brand management with strong technical force and strong financial strength.

business model, and strive to become a strong domestic brand and an internationally renowned brand.