What does foam cleaner do for cars?


Today, the value of a car is still very high. A car is not only a means of transportation, but also a symbol of personal identity to a certain extent. Owning a car you like, experiencing driving pleasure, and enjoying convenient private travel are undoubtedly the benefits that a car brings. The convenience of the car. However, in addition to enjoying the convenience of the car, the cleaning of the car is often overlooked by many people.

Although the cleaning of the car cleaning shop is very good, it still has limitations and cannot meet the needs of many car lovers at home.

First of all, when many cars are purchased in 4S stores, you can add a layer of car film to the car, which can play a protective role; you can choose the color of the car film yourself, but the premise is that you buy the full amount yourself. If you choose the color and The car film that is different from the car itself needs to be reported to the traffic department; in the choice of car film, the editor recommends that people who do not like dark colors should first choose white, pink and other colors as the first choice. These light colors are not so good when they encounter dust. obvious.

Secondly, when cleaning your car, you must first wet the surface of the car with water, and then use a special cleaning product for the car to evenly spray it on the surface. This can quickly dissolve the diluted detergent and reduce the damage of the detergent to the surface of the car. .

Once again, when cleaning the interior of the car: interiors, doors, seats, etc., try to use foam-like cleaning products. There are many all-purpose foam cleaners on the market that can be used for cleaning car interiors and seats. Shield is recommended here. Wang, 3 nurses and other brands of universal foam cleaner; try not to use liquid cleaning products to clean the interior of the car, to avoid the liquid seeping into the dashboard and other places, causing certain damage to the car.

Finally, when cleaning the car, be sure to use a pure cotton towel or special cleaning cloth. Using a hard brush head or paper towel can easily scratch the surface of the car or block some ventilation holes on the car.

In fact, cleaning the interior of the car is very necessary. If the exterior of the car is clean, but the interior is dirty and messy, it is also very bad. So we need a multi-purpose foam cleaning agent, this foam cleaning Detergent can help you clean the interior of your car simply.

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