What is a carburetor cleaner?


What is a carburetor cleaner?

Carburetor cleaning agent is a cleaning agent, mainly used for the cleaning of amorphous carbon deposits in engines, carburetors, various workpieces, and graphite carbon deposits, and can also be used for amorphous graphite deposits on various catalysts. , Cleaning of carbon deposits.

7. Aurora carburetor cleaning agent is refined from international high-quality raw materials. It can be directly sprayed into the carburetor, can penetrate deeply, quickly penetrate into the interior of oil stains, powerfully remove oil and stains, and quickly remove carburetors, chokes, and electronic injection. The system and various mechanical parts of the glue, paint, dirt and oxidized deposits, remove stubborn sludge carbon deposits, reduce the generation of carbon deposits in these parts, restore the best state and efficiency, prolong the service life of mechanical parts, and achieve enhanced horsepower and fuel saving effect.



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